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06/08/2022 - Agriculture

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August 06, 2022

India is moving towards self-reliance in edible oils. Do you agree with this view? Comment (200 Words)

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·        India is the second largest edible oil market in the world. It consumes, on an average, 21 million tonnes (mt) of edible oil each year, of which, 7-8 mt are produced locally.

·        The industry battled with price volatility and increased working capital requirements, while keeping the plants running with paltry supply from alternative origins.

·        The topmost priority should be to finalise win-win agreements with countries and trade blocs that can grow as alternative supply sources  for instance, Malaysia for palm oil and Mercosur nations for soyabean and sunflower oils.

·        With 10-12 per cent of the projected 2030 imports taken care through the Oil Palm Mission, the possibilities of augmenting local supply through other high oil-yielding oilseeds must be studied.

·        Mustard is one of those which has the potential to grow, both in terms of demand and supply.

·        There is enough headroom for acreage expansion as mustard currently accounts for about 10 per cent of the rabi crop acreage.

·        To accelerate the process, planting of genetically modified mustard seed developed in India by our scientists must be allowed.

·        This will give an immediate fillip to its adoption and yields, boosting farmers’ income and triggering increased acreage and production.



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