07/02/2019 - Government interventions

February 07, 2019
6 months

The Government of India has recently amended the Mines act 1952 which allows women to work in underground mines. Discuss its major consequences.  (200 Words)

Refer - Financial Express

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IAS Parliament 6 months


·        The Mines Act 1952 expressly forbade the employment of women in underground mines, and allowed them to work in above-ground mines only between 6 am and 7 pm.

·        Now, however, the labour ministry has amended the rules to allow women to work in underground mines during the day time and in opencast mines round the clock.


·        Women in underground mining now can occupy “technical, supervisory and managerial” positions, this  helps mining engineers

·        Employers are mandatory to provide the workers with adequate facilities and safeguards regarding occupational safety, security and health.

·        Narrowing gender disparity in mining sector which was traditionally dominated by men.

·        Increase in income to the households who depend on mining of minerals, thereby results in increased participation of the women.

·        This amendment helps in increasing the female labour force participation rate in the mining sector.

·        Moreover it upholds the essence of Article 16 & DPSP of the Indian Constitution which directs government of India to provide equal employment opportunity to the citizens.

Negative Consequences

·        Disadvantage to blue collar workers as they have not been mentioned in the amendment.

·        Impact of the health on Women is not comprehensively addressed.

·        Provisions on compensation to workers needs to be addressed properly.

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IAS Parliament 6 months

Try including about managerial positions to women mining engineers, disadvantage to blue collar mine workers etc. Keep Writing.

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