07/02/2019 - International Relations

February 07, 2019
6 months

With US withdrawing from Afghanistan, India must find ways to maintain its presence. Explain in the context of India’s foreign policy. (200 Words)

Refer - The Indian Express

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IAS Parliament 6 months


India’s developmental approach has earned it immense goodwill among the Afghan people. However, the “soft power” strategy has limitations.

India cannot send troops to Afghanistan since there is a domestic consensus against it and results in Pakistan’s exclusion from the peace process.

Ways to maintain its presence

·        Establishing a strong trade link with Afghanistan by increasing the pace of construction of Chabahar port and completing Zaranj-Delaram road will boost bilateral economic relations.

·        Partnering with China, Pakistan via Shanghai Cooperation Organisation to deal with terrorist outfits and negotiate with them peacefully.

·        Effective implementation of Project Mausam by Ministry of Culture will give fillip to the cultural integtration. Archaeological survey of India has played crucial role in maintaining the site of Bamiyan Budhha in Afghanistan.

·        India-Afghanistan Trade and Investment Show to be conducted frequently which has the immense potential in the bilateral trade and further strengthened the commercial relations between India and Afghanistan.

·        Frequent diplomatic missions at regulaer intervals by Ministry of External Affairs will provide thrust to the Confidence building measures of the Government of India thereby increasing the influence of soft power with the help of Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

These steps will allow India to have great hold over relations with Afghan and help in establishing peace in Neighborhood.


Sandeep 6 months

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IAS Parliament 6 months

Mention about cultural, trade dimension for maintaining India’s presence. Keep Writing.

Raj 6 months

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IAS Parliament 6 months

Try providing some specific points on each dimension rather than mentioning generally. e.g: Include the significance of Chabahar port, strategic partnership agreement etc. Keep Writing

Raj 6 months

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Nandadeep 6 months

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IAS Parliament 6 months

Try providing multidimensional strategies for India to maintain its presence. Eg; Cultural, Diplomatic, Trade etc. Keep Writing.