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February 09, 2019
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What is meant by a hailstorm ? Identify the causes behind its formation and explain the impacts of its occurrence along with the preventive measures.  (200Words)

Refer - The Indian Express

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Hail storm is a solid precipitation in the form of balls or pieces of ice (hailstones) with diameters ranging from 5 to 50 mm or even more. Hail can be extremely dangerous and can cause extensive damage in only a few minutes.

Causes of Hail storm

·        It is one of the pre-monsoon storm events occur during convectively unstable atmospheric conditions culminating due to transient disturbances observed in the air mass due to the surface heating.

·        There was a confluence of winds coming from Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea which met over Northern India.

·        At the same time, jet streams, which are strong winds, were strong winds were passing over Northern plains and helped in deep cloud formation at the lower level.

·        Cold winds and low temperatures with western disturbances bringing showers over Northern India lead to hail formation.

Impacts of Hail Storm

·        The standing wheat crop, which would have been harvested in 
mid-April has been flattened by the hail storm and the damaged crop cannot be retrieved.

·        Heavy damage to Vehicles along with severe damage to the roof of  house, causing injury to the persons who are without proper shelter.

·        Hail storms at this point are undesirable for the mustard, chana (chickpea) and potato crops that are in late-maturity/early-harvesting stage.

Preventive measures

To avoid or minimize personal injury or property damage:

·        Move vulnerable items such as cars, equipment and machinery to shelter when a storm threatens, provided such action does not pose a personal risk.

·        If caught outside, reduce chances of injury to ourself by crouching down and protecting your head and neck as much as possible.

·        Protect pets & livestock. Many are injured each year by hail. Ensure that they have shelter available.

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