11/06/2019 - Renewable Energy

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June 11, 2019
9 months

Despite having the potential to increase the share of renewable energy in India, discoms are averse to promote  roof top solar projects. Examine (200 Words)

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Wind and solar energy in India account for about 20 per cent (70 GW) of the total installed capacity of about 350 GW, of which solar’s share is 27 GW (it was just 3 GW in 2014).

Roof top advantages

·        Rooftop solar is decentralised, it empowers ordinary people and communities, and does not require land acquisition.

·        It will provide smaller units in particular with a cheap, reliable source of electricity.

·        Discoms and the power regulator merely need to ensure that installation standards are met.

Reasons Discoms not  promoting rooftop solar

·        Solar, they are able to cross subsidise in a bigger way.

·        Besides, the current net metering formula in many States does not offer any gains to Discoms.

·        Rooftop solar also threatens to further destabilise their finances.

Measures needed

·        Withdrewing cross subsidy model.

·        Net metering rules for rooftop solar should be tweaked to make them attractive for Discoms as well.

·        As with renewable purchase obligations, the Discoms should be given tangible net metering targets.

With a bit of policy incentive, grid-connected rooftop solar can become a major force in sunshine-abundant India as well.

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