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June 13, 2019
8 months

Shangai Cooperation Organisation’s membership for India has a crucial role in global geo-politics but contradictions do exist. Critically Analyse (200 Words)

Refer - The Indian Express

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IAS Parliament 8 months


India’s role in Global beo-politics

·        Russia officially supported India’s ambition to join the SCO. China then asked for its all-weather friend Pakistan’s entry, platform for India-Pakistan-China to cooperate at global level.

·        Tashkent-based Regional Anti Terror Structure (RATS), a stable Afghanistan too is in India’s interest, and RATS provides access to non-Pakistan-centred counter-terrorism information there.

·        Connectivity is important for India’s Connect Central Asia policy. Energy cooperation dominates its interest and it’s in China’s neighbourhood. SCO membership also bolsters India’s status as a major pan-Asian player, which is boxed in the South Asian paradigm.

·        The US’ power struggle with China, exit from the Iran nuclear deal JCPOA (affects India’s oil imports from Iran), and adversarial attitude towards Russia (affects India’s defence purchase like S-400) have forced India to choose sides.

·        “Shanghai spirit”, which emphasises harmony, non-interference in others’ internal affairs, and non-alignment. The bottomline is that it helps India keep all options open in terms of international partnerships.


·        India must act as a willing partner of regional cooperation led by China and Russia, on the other it must avoid being seen as a part of the anti-American.

·        India wants to fight against terrorism through a body that includes states that pose the biggest threats to Indian security.

Suzmitha 8 months

IAS Parliament 8 months

Need better understanding. Try to discuss India's role and its significance of joining SCO; also try to mention how India's foreign policy goals gets contradicted. Keep Writing.

Sri selva 8 months

Kindly give comments 

IAS Parliament 8 months

Good answer.Keep Writing.

Sandeep 8 months

Kindly review

IAS Parliament 8 months

Try to include the role of trade, India's rising status in Asia, role of JCPOA. Keep Writing.

Sarvjeet kumar 8 months


 Please review 

your assessment motivates me to write.

Thank You.

IAS Parliament 8 months

Try to include about the issue of connectivity trade, rising India's status in Asia. Keep Writing. 

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