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20/06/2022 - International Relations

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June 20, 2022

Discuss the various gains secured by the country at the 12th Ministerial conference of the World Trade Organisation. (200 Words)

Refer - Business Line

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·        The WTO Ministerial Conference is the highest decision-making body in the WTO and it can change the existing rules/create new rules which are binding in perpetuity on its 164 members.

·        The major demand in agriculture was to have a permanent solution to public stockholding (PSH) for food security purposes worked out. It may be mentioned that as an interim measure to a permanent solution, a peace clause had been negotiated at MC9 in Bali (2013), prohibiting legal challenges to PSH, subject to certain conditions.

·        The demand for an expedited permanent solution along with waivers on the two issues does not figure in the MC12 outcome documents.

·        The minor demand in agriculture related to exempting purchases by the World Food Programme (WFP) from any export restrictions.

·        India was opposed to granting such a blanket exemption on the grounds that it may be required to meet domestic food shortages and price stability challenges.

·        The MC12 decision stipulating no export restrictions on WFP purchases has a caveat allowing members to exercise their rights under the WTO to address domestic food security challenges.

·        On balance, we can conclude that while India has not conceded ground on any of its core interests, many of its other demands have been given short shrift.

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