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21/06/2022 - International Relations

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June 21, 2022

India has indicated a more independent foreign policy with Iran. Justify this statement. (200 Words)

Refer - The Hindu

Enrich the answer from other sources, if the question demands.

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Sathishkumar 15 days

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IAS Parliament 15 days

Good attempt. Try to mention about oil imports and brief explanation issue related to Chabahar port. Keep Writing.

IAS Parliament 15 days


·        India’s unbounded consideration for U. S. concerns has been a hallmark of its foreign policy over the decades, especially after the May 1998 nuclear tests.

·        It is one thing to meet a minister from a “difficult” country, but it’s quite another to say that Iran has promoted regional security.

·        India would not abandon Iran at the IAEA, and eventually led to their withdrawal of support to his government over the India-U.S. nuclear deal.

·        Today’s India has its own compulsions, especially on the energy front given the global polarisation of positions around the Ukraine war.

·        The government is also facing flak from the Gulf nations, including Iran, on the insulting remarks made by the ruling party’s spokespersons against Prophet Mohammed.

·        In today’s uncertain world, India has the opportunity and the clout to pursue an independent foreign policy in the interest of its people. The departure from follow-the-leader default position on Ukraine and the vote on Iran are welcome, but there is a long distance to travel down this road.

·        Energy security must be one of the guiding principles of this independent foreign policy  as should food security.

·        These goals are not negotiable and must not be sacrificed for the sake of any alignment with the West.



K. V. A 16 days

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IAS Parliament 16 days

Good attempt. Keep Writing.



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