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27/01/2022 - Government Policies

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January 27, 2022

In the context of Genetically Modified foods, the regulatory landscape should inspire faith among the masses through scientific basis. Elaborate (200 Words)

Refer - Financial Express

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IAS Parliament 2 years


·        The anti-GMO activists’ demand that the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) scrap its draft Food Safety and Standards (Genetically Modified or Engineered Foods) Regulations, 2021, and summarily disallow GM food/ingredients, is certainly ill-founded and unscientific.

·        The Centre for Science and Environment reported in 2018 that 32% of the 65 food products available in the market that it tested had GMO content; nearly 80% of these products were imported.

·        Against this backdrop, labelling GM origin food benefits the consumer, helping her decide between a GM product and a non-GM alternative.

·        FSSAI should mandate the explicit mention of GM content, with the packaging indicating the exact degree to which the product contains each individual GM ingredient.

·        Genetic modification playing a larger role in food technology is unavoidable in the long run, and in many cases, could even be desirable.

·        For a country like India that aims to boost nutrition levels among its vulnerable population, a product like golden rice—rice fortified with Vitamin A—is manna;

·        Without a scientific attitude towards GM-foods, we won’t be able to benefit from the development of genetically-engineered golden rice.



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IAS Parliament 2 years

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IAS Parliament 2 years

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