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31/01/2022 - Economy

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January 31, 2022

India must work collectively towards a structural shift in order to capitalize on the coming wave of demographic change. Examine (200 Words)

Refer - Financial Express

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IAS Parliament 2 years


·        The time has come for India to turn a new leaf on population policy. The country’s fertility rate has already fallen below the replacement level, 2, according to the latest data from the National Family Health Survey, which was largely collected before the nation felt the heat of Covid-19.

·        With a lower number of births, the youth population will keep shrinking. As the size of the youth population falls, the number of older adults will surpass the young.

·        Less than 1% of older adults have health insurance, and ageing-related morbidities are a grey area in terms of coverage. Most older adults depend on families and immediate relatives for healthcare.

·        Many studies have suggested that older and widowed women are at greater risk of both chronic and acute health disorders and less likely to engage in health-seeking behaviour.

·        Making specialised health services available at the primary care level, improving the older-adult-friendly transportation system, replicating the model of ASHA workers, and creating a cadre of health outreach workers trained in first-line care of geriatrics will be helpful.

·        Even though the effects of the demographic transition will not be felt tomorrow, India must get the ball rolling early, as the shifting in the sociocultural landscape towards those of advanced age will take time.


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