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Daily Mains Practice Questions 08-09-2023

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September 08, 2023


Bilateral Relations

1) Discuss why ASEAN is considered the central pillar of India’s Act East Policy? (150 words)

Refer – The Indian Express


Bilateral Relations

2) Republic of Korea is a natural partner for India in the Indo-Pacific. Analyze. (150 words)

Refer – The Hindu




3) Climate change induced deficient rainfall and poor management of water resources has pushed India to the verge of water poverty. Elucidate the ways in which the crisis can be tackled. (250 words)

Refer – The Hindu Business Line


Enrich the answer from other sources, if the question demands.

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Sanjeev Kumar Singh 8 days

Water poverty pdf 

Kindly review.

IAS Parliament 7 days

Good Answer. Try to stick to the given word limit. Keep Writing.

Sanjeev Kumar Singh 12 days

Kindly review 

India and South korea relation

IAS Parliament 12 days

Good Answer. Try to follow a coherent structure to your answer. Keep Writing.

Sanjeev Kumar Singh 12 days

Kindly review


IAS Parliament 12 days

Good Answer. Support your answer with facts & figures. Keep Writing.

Huma Shahper 16 days

Discuss why ASEAN is considered the central pillar of India’s Act East Policy? 

India’s Act East Policy emphasizes strengthening relationship with Asia pacific region. India has developed convergence at various points with ASEAN which makes its relationship with ASEAN a central pillar for Act East Policy. 

India-ASEAN convergence:

1. Economic cooperation: 

. India-ASEAN signed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in the year 2010.

. India’s trade with ASEAN amounts to 11.2% of its total global trade as of year 2021.

2. Connectivity initiatives: India is involved with ASEAN in projects such as-

. Myanmar-India-Thailand Trilateral highway project

. Kaladan Multimodal Transit

3. Strategic importance:

. India-ASEAN has been working on regional security and stability including joint military exercises.

. India’s collaboration with ASEAN is important to enhance its position in indo-pacific region which is important to counterbalance China’s rise (a key pillar of Act East Policy).

4. Multilateral engagement:

. ASEAN provides platform such as East Asia Summit and ASEAN Regional Forum to discuss regional and global issues furthering India’s diplomatic interest.

5. Cultural and historical ties: 

. India shares cultural and historical ties with ASEAN which can be used to foster stronger diplomatic relations and people to people exchanges.

. Cultural programs, educational programs and tourism promotion contribute to strengthening cultural ties. 

Thus, India shares economic, strategic and cultural ties with ASEAN making it important for its Act East Policy.

IAS Parliament 15 days

Good Attempt. The given answer has just facts try to bring coherence to the answer and connect the points with each other. Keep Writing.

Soni Kumari 18 days

Please review sir 


IAS Parliament 17 days

Good Answer. Try to establish the relationship between poor water management and water poverty in India. Keep Writing.



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