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02/11/2022 - Health

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November 02, 2022

Giving due recognition to Accredited Social Health Activists worker would serve rural India’s needs in various aspects. Analyse (200 Words)

Refer - The Indian Express

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K. V. A 5 months

Pls review

IAS Parliament 5 months

Good attempt. Keep Writing.

IAS Parliament 5 months


·        One of the biggest issues facing rural health services is lack of information. ASHA workers were put in charge of quarantining people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

·        Channels of communication between the government and the rural population need to be robust.

·        A deadly pandemic makes the value of these channels obvious but in order to get people on board, information needs to be sent out much more effectively and in a hands-on manner.

·        Medical facilities are understaffed and lack adequate equipment for various basic procedures like deliveries.

·        ASHA workers should have a fixed income, giving us stability in a job where we spend between eight to twelve hours daily.

·        For people in our village, ASHA have become lifeline who led innumerable immunisation drives and are everybody’s first call in a medical emergency.

·        Recognition, like being named a “Guardian of the Year” by Time magazine in 2020 has given me some leverage to circumvent the system and seek funds for people in my community.

·        Giving us due recognition would serve this end, along with making rural India’s needs medical or otherwise a priority.

Aasu 5 months

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IAS Parliament 5 months

Try to bring coherence in the answer and provide a comprehensive conclusion. Keep Writing.

Ravichandran 5 months

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IAS Parliament 5 months

Try to provide a comprehensive conclusion and bring coherence in the answer. Keep Writing.


Kindly review

IAS Parliament 5 months

Good attempt. Keep Writing.



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