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28/10/2022 - Government Policies

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October 28, 2022

Instead of downsizing government schemes and cutting their funding, ensuring better public service delivery must be concentrated. Justify (150 Words)
Refer - The Hindu

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IAS Parliament 5 months


·        Over the past three years, over 50% of existing central government-sponsored schemes have been discontinued, subsumed, revamped or rationalised into other schemes.

·        The Nirbhaya fund (2013) with its focus on funding projects to improve the public safety of women in public spaces and encourage their participation in economic and social activities is an interesting case; Rs. 1,000 crore was allocated to the fund annually (2013-16),

·        Farmers have not been spared either with fertilizer subsidies having been in decline over the last few years; actual government spending on fertilizers in FY20-21 reached Rs. 1,27,921 crore.

·        In the FY21-22 Budget, the allocation was Rs. 79,529 crore (later revised to Rs. 1,40,122 crore amidst the COVID-19 pandemic).

·        The allocation for the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) went down by approximately 25% in the FY22-23 Budget earlier this year, with the allocated budget at Rs. 73,000 crore when compared to the FY21-22 revised estimates of Rs. 98,000 crore.

·        After the Goods and Services Tax reform, the Centre-State relationship has been transformed, with fiscal firepower skewed towards the Centre.

·        We need to build capacity for an efficient civil service to meet today’s challenges, i.e., providing a corruption-free welfare system, running a modern economy and providing better public goods. 

Sivasurya 5 months

Please review

IAS Parliament 5 months

Good answer. Keep the examples limited to 2 or 3. Concentrate on the ‘Justification’ part of the question. Keep writing. 

K. V. A 5 months

Pls review

IAS Parliament 5 months

Good introduction. Good justification. Keep writing. 


Kindly review

IAS Parliament 5 months

Concentrate on justifying the answer. Keep writing 



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