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02/08/2022 - Education

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August 02, 2022

Critically analyse the issues in making mother tongue the medium for higher studies in the country. (200 Words)

Refer - The Hindu

Enrich the answer from other sources, if the question demands.


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IAS Parliament 1 year


·        The NEP provides for more higher educational institutions and programmes in higher education to use the mother tongue or local language as a medium of instruction, besides offering programmes bilingually.

·        Effective 2021-22, the AICTE granted approval to 19 engineering colleges in 10 States for having engineering courses in six Indian languages.

·        The Council has also developed an “AICTE Translation Automation AI Tool” that translates English online courses in 11 Indian languages.

·        SWAYAM, an open online courses platform of the Central government, has been offering some popular courses in Indian languages too.

·        In Tamil Nadu, for instance, the bid to impart engineering education through the Tamil medium has not created any impact despite the principal political players using language as a political tool.

·        It would not be out of place to highlight issues about standards and the quality of teaching of Indian languages in schools.

·        Be it Gujarati or Hindi or even Tamil, students have been found to fail in their public examinations in language papers.

·        There is also the point of diminished employability outside the region of the language.

·        If the Government is serious in taking forward its stated position of creating higher education access to certain sections, it should dispassionately study the advantages and the disadvantages.


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IAS Parliament 1 year

Avoid writing general points, try to address the issue specifically and include articles from the constitution related to language, bring coherence in the answer. Keep Writing.

Sankar Prasad 1 year



IAS Parliament 1 year

Try to include advantages and disadvanteges related to the issue, and bring coherence in the answer. Keep Writing.

Ananta Kumar Muduli 1 year

Good morning sir..

IAS Parliament 1 year

Try to include the articles from the constitution related to languages. Keep Writing.

Aravind R 1 year

Kindly review this mam/sir

IAS Parliament 1 year

Try to include the articles form the constitution related to language. Keep Writing.



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