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20/09/2022 - Education

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September 20, 2022

Tamil Nadu’s breakfast scheme is a good model to improve school education and public health of the country. Discuss (200 Words)

Refer - The Hindu

Enrich the answer from other sources, if the question demands.

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·        The Tamil Nadu government’s launch of the free breakfast scheme for schoolchildren is an instance of a policy initiative with far-reaching consequences for school education and public health.

·        Multiple studies across the globe indicate that eating breakfast regularly confers positive outcomes on students, affecting their ability to focus, learn and retain information positively.

·        School performance improves, as do behaviour and cognition, but a regular breakfast also takes care of diet quality, micronutrient sufficiency, anaemia and height and weight issues in children.

·        The government has targeted providing schoolchildren an average of 293 calories and an average protein input of 9.85 gm per day.

·        The Centre’s midday meal guidelines prescribe between 450-700 cals per child per day, and a protein intake of 12-20 gm per day.

·        The government, rich with its experience of dealing with the mid-day meal scheme over several decades, must avoid the errors of omission.

·        The commission including pilferage, poor quality of food, delays in sanctioning funds, and caste-related disruptions  that have been hurdles in its path earlier.

·        Other State governments would also do well to be inspired by Tamil Nadu, which has allowed its intent to triumph over the state of its finances, finding money to fund this very crucial aspect of nation building  ensuring the growth and development of children.



Kindly review

IAS Parliament 1 year

Try to include data from NFHS - 5, impact on stunting, IMR. Keep Writing.

yogendra pratap singh 1 year

Kindly evaluate

IAS Parliament 1 year

Try to include data to support your answer and bring coherence in the answer. Keep Writing.

Tapasvi 1 year

Kindly review

IAS Parliament 1 year

Try to focus on public health, include data like IMR,MMR. Keep Writing.

Nazneen 1 year

plz evaluate this...

IAS Parliament 1 year

Try to include data to support your arguments like IMR, MMR. Keep Writing.



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