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25/05/2022 – Education

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May 25, 2022

The National Education Policy attempts to discard the shackles of Western hegemony, produce scientific, global knowledge from and for India. Analyse (200 words)

Refer – The Indian Express

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Discard the shackles of Western hegemony -

·        In our education system, a certain aspect of European modernity has lingered for a long time. It hampered the Indian intellectual discourse by making it eagerly look at the West.

·        In doing so, we failed to create thinkers that can help us understand the structure and foundations of our own scientific thought.

·        Education must be intimately associated with the life of its people; sadly, our modern education has served only to turn out the favourite professions of the English educated elite.

·        The new education policy not only helps decolonise by inculcating a sense of nationalist commitment but also engages in Indian value-based education. The attempt is to make education go global from home, not the reverse.

Produce scientific, global knowledge from and for India.

·        NEP is an attempt to immunise our people against systematic attempts at curbing our indigenous creative thinking.

·        It is designed to completely revamp our systematic education into a more porous learning process but also to bring in an Indian lens

·        The NEP makes our education genuinely and creatively Indian. The policy ambitiously aims for a radical transformation in the next two decades by providing essential equity to stakeholders, enriching the quality of education.

·        Making science available locally helps its acceptance and understanding in the masses, which assists in the greater cause of enriching the scientific temper and the spirit of inquiry.

·        An education and science being Indian in character would put an end to the limited access and control which happens through the West’s diktats about the standardisation of thought.

·        With the NEP, we have hope that the true nature of the Indian mind can again be ornamented with our education system becoming a blend of the old and the young, the alpha and the omega, all and none.



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