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23/09/2022 - Judiciary

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September 23, 2022

Analyse the various rationale and concerns of live streaming of the Supreme Court proceedings in India. (200 Words)

Refer - The Indian Express

Enrich the answer from other sources, if the question demands.

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IAS Parliament 6 months


·        The Supreme Court in a full court decided to live stream its proceedings in crucial Constitution Bench cases.

·        The Supreme Court approved a set of guidelines suggested by the A-G, which included allowing transcripts and archiving the proceedings.

·        Broadcasting court proceedings is a step in the direction of transparency and greater access to the justice system, but there are concerns around the impact of live streaming both on judges and the people watching the proceedings.

·        Video clips of proceedings from Indian courts are already on YouTube and other social media platforms with sensational titles and little context.

·        There are fears that irresponsible or motivated use of content could spread disinformation among the public.

·        However, the A-G suggested that the court must retain the power to withhold broadcasting, and to also not permit it in cases involving:

a)    Matrimonial matters,

b)   Matters involving interests of juveniles or the protection and safety of the private life of the young offenders,

c)    Matters of National security,

d)    To ensure that victims, witnesses or defendants can depose truthfully and without any fear.

e)    To protect confidential or sensitive information, including all matters relating to sexual assault and rape

f)      Matters where publicity would be antithetical to the administration of justice, and

g)    Cases which may provoke sentiments and arouse passion and provoke enmity among communities.


Tarun parihar 6 months

Kindly review 

IAS Parliament 6 months

Try to include facts, judgements and related case laws to support your answer, and bring coherence in the answer. Keep Writing.

Thomas Kurien 6 months

Kindly review

IAS Parliament 6 months

Try to include facts and judgements to support your arguments. Keep Writing.

K. V. A 6 months

Pls review

IAS Parliament 6 months

Good attempt. Keep Writing.

Tapasvi 6 months

Kindly review

IAS Parliament 6 months

Try to include some specific facts and judgements to support your arguments. Keep Writing.



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