Concerns in the Bonn Meet

May 15, 2018
8 months

Why in news?

A meeting was held in Bonn, Germany to finalise the operational guidelines for implementation of Paris Agreement.

What was the highlights of Bonn Meeting?

  • The Bonn meeting was mainly held to decide on a consistent framework for countries to define and measure their own commitments.
  • Proposals for monitoring actions, accountability and transparency of the framework were discussed.
  • Another interim meeting has been proposed ahead of Conference of Parties (COP)-24 due to insufficient progress towards goals in the Bonn meet.

What were the concerns in the Bonn meeting?

  • The main roadblock in the Bonn meeting were on the issue of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in the rulebook.
  • While the developing countries wanted the rulebook to include mitigation targets, adaptation and means of implementing NDCs, The developed nations preferred it to be limited to mitigation and reduction of greenhouse gases.
  • The means of implementation of NDCs for poor countries were about financial support and technology transfer.
  • It became contentious as the funds has to be provided by developed nations.
  • Previous agreements on funding were not taken up instead discussion on finance veered towards increasing number of donors, reducing number of beneficiaries, etc.
  • Another concern was the issue related to loss and damage (L&D) for providing assistance to poor countries that experience severe impacts from climate change.
  • There was no progress on the funds for supporting L&D, even though the suffering countries contributed very little to the greenhouse gases responsible for the warming and its effects.
  • Disagreement between the participants on all significant issues led to the roadblock at Bonn meet and thus guidelines for implementation of PA was not concluded.


Source: The Hindu

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