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Prelim Bits Current Affairs

UPSC Daily Current Affairs | Prelim Bits 03-12-2020

Brahmaputra Floods, Damaru-Inspired Lattice, IFSCA, UK approves Covid-19 Vaccine, State of Global Cl…

UPSC Daily Current Affairs | Prelim Bits 02-12-2020

Mount Ili Lewotolok, Annapurna idol, Hualong Nuclear Reactor, Indian Peacock Softshell Turtle, La Ni…

UPSC Daily Current Affairs | Prelim Bits 01-12-2020

Superinfections, Arunachal Kiwi, Zebrafish Gene

UPSC Daily Current Affairs | Prelim Bits 30-11-2020

National Maritime Domain Awareness Centre, Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope, Bloom of Sea Sparkle, Di…

UPSC Current Affairs | Prelim Bits 29-11-2020

UN Hygiene Fund, New Gecko in the Eastern Ghats, ECLGS 2.0, Honey FPO Programme, PLI Scheme to Solar…

UPSC Daily Current Affairs | Prelim Bits 28-11-2020

BrahMos missile, Climate emergency, Brain Fingerprinting, Bioluminescence, Brereton War Crimes Repor…

UPSC Daily Current Affairs | Prelim Bits 27-11-2020

National Portal for Transgender Persons, SDG Investor Map for India, Human Resource Management Syste…

UPSC Daily Current Affairs | Prelim Bits 26-11-2020

Desalination Plants, Chang’e-5 Mission, M-Dwarf Stars, Sahakar Pragya, Environmental Appraisal and…

UPSC Daily Current Affairs | Prelim Bits 25-11-2020

Hoysala Lakshmi Devi Temple, Shaheedi Divas, ATAL Academy, Willow Warbler, Striped Bubble-Nest Frog,…

UPSC Daily Current Affairs | Prelim Bits 24-11-2020

One Health Global Leaders Group on AMR, G20’s New Global Index, APEC Summit, UMANG APP, and etc.

Current affairs 2020

If you are the one who prepares for competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, Bank, or any government exam, you need to focus on reading and learning current affairs. We have already included lot of daily current affairs topic in our website covering the category-wise and periodic ones that are relevant and unique for every competitive exam.

Why should you read current affairs?

Current affairs are a vital part of preparing the UPSC Civil service examinations. The reason is that, the current affairs section's questions appear in every examination stage, namely prelims, mains, and in the interview. A good understanding of UPSC current affairs or IAS current affairs is key to passing the respective competitive exams.

What are some of the resources where you can find daily current affairs for UPSC and other competitive exams?

  • IAS Parliament website
  • The Hindu Newspaper
  • Different Magazines
  • Government publications like Economic survey, India yearbook, and more.
  • Video and audio resources like All India Radio spotlight discussion.

How to prepare for UPSC daily current affairs?

The candidate should start incorporating a habit of reading different newspapers, and it's essential to make this a routine for better knowledge. Apart from that, there are various principles you can follow when preparing for the IAS current affairs or other daily current affairs competitive exams.

1. Check out the syllabus

The first thing is to know the syllabus. You can checkout newspapers for UPSC relevant news and mark them. You need to thoroughly see the syllabus for identifying the UPSC related news from the newspaper.

2. Stick with limited resources

There are plenty of resources available for reading when it comes to current affairs. There are thousands of yearly magazines, websites, and newspapers available to check UPSC Current Affairs Quiz. It can lead to confusion among the candidates. Choose the right resource that offers the Daily current affairs quiz for UPSC and also for other exams. At IAS Parliament, we have many vital resources that include previous year questions papers, UPSC quiz, and daily current affairs of many competitive exams on our website.

3. Set Time

Read out the relevant news article to collect data about the daily current affairs for UPSC, IAS, or the exam you are preparing for. Don't spend more than one-hour reading news articles. Make sure you are completing the current affairs preparation within 2 hours. If you are a fresher, you can spend a little more time as finding the relevant news articles and understanding them will take more time. On weekdays, limit your current affairs time to 2 hours and revise them on the weekends.

4. Make use of online tools.

You can't just write down everything in your notebook when it comes to daily current affairs, as it's a time-consuming process. In this case, you can use the top online tools like Google docs, Evernote, etc. to make notes online. It's just enough to copy-paste the content to prepare notes online. You need to organize them appropriately based on the subjects to be accessible in the future to revise or remember.

5. Revision is mandatory

When it comes to current affairs, ensure you revise them often to keep track of it. If you are not continually revising, you will feel difficulties while looking upon the UPSC current affairs or IAS current affairs after a few days.

Prepare daily current affairs for UPSC, IAS, and other competitive exams with IAS Parliament experts.

Visit our website for checking out the daily current affairs for every competitive exam. We cover current affairs from multiple resources like India Year Book, Indian Express, The Hindu, Yojana, etc. Here is the list where you can find our Daily current affairs quiz for UPSC, IAS, and other competitive exams.

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