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Karbi Anglong Agreement

Kukis, Dimasas, Garos, Rengma Nagas, Tiwas and Karbis, Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council, Sixth Sche…

Is public investment holding up global capitalism’s dynamism?

US and China, Globalisation, Capitalism, Private vs Public Investments UPSC

Significance of Millet Farming

Millets, Significance, Advantages, Concerns, Initiatives, Measures needed

Spirit of Federalism

State List, Concurrent list, Cooperative federalism, Sarkaria Commission Report UPSC

Account Aggregators

Non-Banking Financial Company, Financial Information Provider, Financial Information User, NBFC-AA U…

Crypto Banking and Decentralized Finance

Services under crypto banking, Benefits, Stablecoin, Central bank digital currency, DeFi

e-Shram Portal - Securing labour

Working of e-Shram portal, Benefits, Significance, To be done

India & Net Zero

IPCC Report, WRI, CoP targets, Paris Aggrement, carbon-neutrality UPSC

Mumbai Climate Action Plan

Need for a climate plan, Signs of climate change impact in Mumbai, Plan’s focus areas

BH Series Registration

Road Tax, Relocation, Registration, Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, NOC, BH Series UPSC



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