Slowdown in Global Growth

Strained economic indicators, Challenges ahead, India’s case, To be done...

‘Green Bonus’ Demand of Himalayan States

Green Bonus Demand, Larger issue with Himalayan region, Colonial Legacy, India’s present scenario

Godavari boat capsize

As past lessons remain unlearnt, man-made tragedies recur with alarming regularity

Finance Minister’s third stimulus measure – May not be enough

It holds promise but there are no structural reforms

Impact of Farm Loan Waivers on State Finances

RBI’s Internal Working Group, Loan waivers, Impact on State Finances, Recommendations

Finance Minister’s third stimulus measures

Areas of focus for this round are Exports, Housing Sector

Air pollution in Delhi drops 25% in four years

How did the city achieve this? What worked?

PPP model, States Role in Highways Construction

Modes of road construction, PPP mode, reasons for State Highways’ effectiveness, Way forward...

SAT’s verdict in Satyam case

SEBI’s jurisdiction is re-defined

Climate needs Global Solution

The solution is differential global carbon tax, a Robin Hood tax
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