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General Studies III Current Affairs

Financial Lessons to be learnt from the Pandemic

Fiscal health during pandemic, Bolster local government, Fiscal deficit to GDP Ratio, Impact of COVI…

Dragon Fruit, a saviour for Kachchh Farmers

Dragon Fruit, Kamalam, Kachchh, Horticulture

Man-Animal Conflict - Elephants Train Collisions

Man Animal Conflict, Elephant death, Solar Fences, Lemon Grass, Wildlife crossings, Eco Bridges, Tra…

Punjab’s Agro-Climatic Zones

Agro-Climatic Zones, Over usage of fertilisers , Ground water exploitation, MSP, Punjab agriculture

Breathing Fresh Air into the NCR’s Pollution Control

National Clean Air Programme (NCAP), Commission for Air Quality Management, National Green Tribunal …

A White Touch to a Refreshed Green Revolution

Operation Flood, White Revolution, Farmers protests, Amul cooperative model, Refreshed Green Revolut…

What Market Balancing Act by Domestic Institutions Signals

Domestic Institutional Investors (DIIs), FPI, DII inflow, source of DIIs’ funds, Retail investment

Gas can accelerate Renewable Energy Shift

Gas Power Plant, COP 26, Renewable energy, Wind and Solar energy, Power purchase agreement

Welcome Clarity

Private Bank Licensing, RBI Regulations, IWG recommendations

India Q2 GDP Data (2021-22)

Q2 GDP Data, GDP, GVA, Gross Fixed Capital Formation, Government’s expenditure, Private consumptio…



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