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Climate Litigation

Article 21, Article 14, Global Climate Litigation Report, National Green Tribunal, Natural Justice, …

Extraction of Hydrocarbon

Kerogen, Lacustrine, Marine, Terrestrial, Drilling, Drilling Fluid, Mud Logging, UPSC

Voting Process in India

Ballot Papers, Electronic Voting Machine, voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail, Electronically Transmi…

Prelim Bits 16-04-2024 | UPSC Daily Current Affairs

Meningitis Vaccine, Operation Meghdoot, UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Mahad Satyagraha, H…

Iran Israel Conflict

Periphery Doctrine, Islamic Revolution, Iran Iraq Accord, Natanz Nuclear Facility, Stuxnet Cyberatta…

Right Against Climate Change

Article 21, DPSP, Electricity Act, Fundamental Right, Article 48A, Renewable Energy, Right to Health…

Green Hydrogen

National Green Hydrogen Mission, Panchamrit, SIGHT, Green Hydrogen Hubs, UPSC

Baloch - Pakistan Issue

Gwadar Port, Greater Balochistan, Majeed Brigade, Gwadar Port, New Great Game, Chabahar Port, UPSC

Maritime Anti-Piracy Act, 2022

Piracy, India Coast Guard, Extradition Treaty, UNCLOS, Information Fusion Centre- IOR, Operation San…

The Hypothesis of Dark Energy

DESI, Focal Plane, Spectrograph, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, XENON1T, Euclid Mission, UPSC



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