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General Studies I Current Affairs

National Medical Commission Advisory on LGBTQIA+

NMC advisory, Role of Madras HC, Textbook content, Significance of the ruling, Tasks ahead

The Carbon Markets Conundrum at COP26

Article 6 of Paris agreement, Kyoto protocol, carbon markets, CDM transition, UNFCCC COP26

Mahatma Gandhi and V D Savarkar - Ideological Comparison

Ideological significance of the freedom struggle, Gandhi and Savarkar - Differences and similarities…

Global Hunger Index (GHI) - India’s Position

India’s rank, Components of GHI, Sources of data, Inadequacies in the methodology, Measures needed

Declining Fertility Rates in India

Empirical data from the National Family Health Survey 2019-20 (NFHS-5)

Earthquakes in Haiti

Location, Causes for frequent quakes, Challenges to handling the disaster

Landslips in Himachal Pradesh

Recent landslips in Himachal Pradesh, Threats and causes, Developmental patterns

Dholavira - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Dholavira site, Distinct features, Economic activities, Decline, Significance

Costs and Benefits of Lockdowns

Inevitability of lockdowns, Challenges involved, The trilemma, Cost of lockdowns, To be done

Recognising Sex Work as Work

Sex workers, Recognition, Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, Concerns, Basic labour rights



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