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General Studies II Current Affairs

Past Protest Record to Deny Jobs, Passports - J&K

Jammu and Kashmir administration circular, Rationale, Impact, To be done

Horizontal Reservation for Women - The Bihar Way

Horizontal quota, Bihar’s 33% reservation, Earlier State measures to empower women, Issues to be a…

Gilgit-Baltistan Dispute - India and Pakistan

New draft legislation of Pakistan, Origin of the dispute, Administrative status of Gilgit-Baltistan …

OBC Reservation in All-India Quota Medical Seats

All India Quota scheme, Benefits of the new provisions, Significance of the move

Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Amendment Bill, 2021

2015 Act, Key provisions in the new Bill, DM’s powers, Offences, CWCs, Concerns to be addressed

Legislative privileges - Law and Lawmakers

Kerala Assembly ruckus case, Privileges and immunity to members of legislatures, Withdrawal of case

Assam-Mizoram Border Dispute

Current clashes, Origin of the border dispute, Notifications of 1875 and 1933

Emigration Bill 2021

Migrant workers’ condition, Emigration Act, 1983, Key provisions in the new Bill, Shortcomings, Wa…

Demands for Caste-Based Census

Caste data in Census, Caste-based Census, Demands, Government response, SECC

Essential Defence Services Bill

Bill - provisions and objectives, Need for the Bill, Ordinance Factory Board, Impact of the move



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