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The Nord Stream Pipeline Leaks

Nord Stream 1, Nord Stream 2, Energy security of Europe, Nord stream gas leaks, Sabotage, Impacts of…

India-US Geopolitical Relations

India-US Relations, Indo-US nuclear deal, Quad, Russia Ukraine War, F-16 Programme, No-limits ties, …

UK Financial Crisis

UK economic crisis, Inflation, Gilts, Brexit, Mini Budget of UK, Reaganomics, Starving the beast str…

The Anti-Hijab Protests in Iran

Anti-Hijab Protests, India's pro-hijab protest, Women’s rights, Hijab laws, Freedom of choice, Mor…

Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling

Abortion laws, Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, reproductive autonomy, Marital rape, Abortions

Resurgence of Polio Virus

Polio, polio outbreak, oral polio vaccination (OPV), inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV), vaccine d…

States Power to Challenge Centre

India’s federalism, Federal structure, Disputes between centre and states, Original jurisdiction o…

Making India TB Free

Tuberculosis, TB, Drug resistant-TB, Elimination of TB by 2025, Nikshay Poshan Yojana (NPY)

Working of UAPA Tribunal

UAPA, UAPA Tribunal, Popular Front of India, Ban on PFI, Terrorism, Extremism, Unlawful association

The US’s F-16 Package to Pakistan

F-16 Package, F-16 Fighting Falcon, Indo-Pak relations, US-Pakistan relations, The Pressler Amendmen…



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