An Appeal to Unify India with Hindi

Discarding diversity for a majoritarian reason will be disastrous

US-China Trade Talks

An attempt to settle their ongoing trade war

Pregnancy in Old Age - Risks and Legal Shortcomings

Recent Andhra Pradesh women’s case, Concerns, Current practices, Shortcomings

Taking Forward the Afghan Peace Process

Security threat to Afghanistan, Larger Concern, Afghan government’s stance, Challenges

J&K Leader Farooq Abdullah Detained

Dangerous vacuum is being created due to the detention of the J&K leaders

E-cigarettes Ban in India

Makes all the processes related to e-cigarettes and other ENDS a punishable offence

Uniform Civil Code (UCC)

Law Commission (2018): UCC is neither feasible nor desirable

Yemen War

The war has devastated Yemen and triggered a humanitarian crisis

Suspension of UK Parliament

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has prorogued Parliament for five weeks (till October 14) with …

Saudi Oil Attacks

Drone attacks on oil fields, Reasons, Consequences, Priorities now, Impact on India
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