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India and its Neighborhood Current Affairs

The loss of MFN status will hardly hurt Pakistan

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), MFN status, Security Exceptions Article

Impact of China’s New Border Law

China’s New Border Law, Reason behind the move, India's response, Implications on India-China rela…

India’s Afghan Policy, a Tricky Affair

Indian Taliban, Terrorism, US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Human right violations by Taliban, NSA me…

Engaging the Taliban: The Moscow Format

The Moscow Format, Extended Troika, Terrorism, Taliban takeover, India’s engagement with Taliban

Trouble in Bangladesh

Communal tension in Bangladesh, majoritarian violence, Citizenship (Amendment) Act in 2019, India- B…

Carbis Bay declaration - G7 Summit

Highlights of the declaration, U.S.'s role, Stance on China, Concerns with G7, India's role

Relook at India’s Act East Policy

Present scenario, Rising China, Change in civil society, Impact, Way forward

India-China Relations: Amidst the Pandemic and Border Disputes

Tensions in the Ladakh, Current situation, COVID-19 and geopolitics, Larger impact, Future

Enforced Disappearances – Myanmar Coup

Myanmar issue, Other similar cases, UN Mechanism, Concerns, Way forward

Ethnic Armed Organisations against the Junta in Myanmar

Recent tensions, Federation dream, Bamars and the ethnic minorities, ASEAN’s plan for peace



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