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Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991

The judiciary must act early and decisively on the bid to change nature of places of worship.

Upgradation of Judicial Infrastructure

Judicial Infrastructure, model NJIC framework, NJIC, CM’s opposing the NJIC

Understanding the Olga Tellis Judgement

Olga Tellis Judgement, Jahangirpuri case, Forced evictions, Article 21, Right to livelihood, Pavemen…

A Case for a more Federal Judiciary

Federal Judiciary, federalism, quasi-federal, Key features of Federalism, Integrated judiciary, inde…

The supreme failure

Supreme Court as an agent of social justice, The default, Pending constitutional cases, Way forward

How the Supreme Court has interpreted inheritance of daughters

Daughters right to inheritance, Hindu Succession Act, 1956, Ancient Hindu texts and commentaries, Mi…

How India has approached Customary International Law

Customary International Law, Position of CIL in Indian law

Indianisation of the Legal System

Evolution of Indian legal system, Article 141, Constituent Assembly debates on Indianness, CJI’s s…

The troubling ‘courtroom policy-making’ by the Supreme Court

National Judicial Infrastructure Corporation (NJIC), Administration of the district judiciary by Su…

Unresolved Constitutional Cases

Costitutional Cases, Pending of cases, Constitutional questions, Article 370, Electoral bonds scheme…



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