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Legislator's Freedom of Speech

Right to freedom of speech, Article 19, Article 21, Constitution bench

Judicial Comity & Strength of SC Bench

Judicial Comity, Bench strength, Supreme Court of India

PMLA Verdict

Money laundering, Vijay Madanlal Choudhary case, PMLA, predicate offences, India’s criminal justic…

A separate law for bail

The Supreme Court urged the Centre to bring a new law to simplify and streamline the process of bail…

Complete Justice

Mohammed Zubair Case, Jail Jurisprudence, Bail Jurisdiction, Class Action

Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991

The judiciary must act early and decisively on the bid to change nature of places of worship.

Upgradation of Judicial Infrastructure

Judicial Infrastructure, model NJIC framework, NJIC, CM’s opposing the NJIC

Understanding the Olga Tellis Judgement

Olga Tellis Judgement, Jahangirpuri case, Forced evictions, Article 21, Right to livelihood, Pavemen…

A Case for a more Federal Judiciary

Federal Judiciary, federalism, quasi-federal, Key features of Federalism, Integrated judiciary, inde…

The supreme failure

Supreme Court as an agent of social justice, The default, Pending constitutional cases, Way forward



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