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Governance Current Affairs

Swachh Survekshan 2021 Awards

Swachh Survekshan, Swachh Amrit Mahotsav, Swachh Bharat Mission-Urban, 2021 ranking, Prerak Daaur Sa…

Missing an Inclusionary Vision for the Urban Poor

Resettlement and Rehabilitation Policy of Tamil Nadu, Resettlement of Slum dwellers, Resettlement Co…

The Need to Move away from Clientelism

Clientelism, freebie culture, welfarism, social justice, criticisms, vote banks

Issues of Cartelisation

Competition Commission of India, Cartel, Working of cartels, Price-fixing, Output restriction, Marke…

Towards a More Humane Police Force

Human rights violations in police stations, Police reforms, Custodial Deaths, Ponraj & Beniks death,…

Data-based Policy Making

Sensor data, policy making, inter and intra-district inequalities, Disparity  in data, Manipulation

National Automated Facial Recognition System

Concerns, usage and implications in the National Automated Facial Recognition System

Costs and Benefits of Lockdowns

Inevitability of lockdowns, Challenges involved, The trilemma, Cost of lockdowns, To be done

Civil Society for Governmental Accountability

Civil society, Shortfalls in functioning, Implications during the pandemic, Way forward

SC Order on Relief for COVID-19 Victims and Unorganised Workers

SC's directives and observations, NDMA Act, Centre's response, Directives on unorganized workers



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