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IPR Current Affairs

Intellectual Property Waiver for Vaccines

Negotiations at WTO to waive IP for Covid-19 vaccines

Patents and COVID

Patents must not impede pandemic response

Draft Report on Regulating Non-Personal Data

Gopalakrishnan-led panel, Non-Personal Data, Key highlights, Concerns, Transparency

PepsiCo and Potato Farmers Case

PepsiCo had sued farmers for “illegally growing and selling” a potato variety registered in the …

EU’s New Copyright Law

The European Union’s Parliament recently passed a new copyright directive.

Issues in the Draft National E-commerce Policy

The e-commerce policy and the Aadhaar ordinance seem to have disregarded the Srikrishna panel and TR…

EU Copyright Directive

The European Parliament recently approved a new copyright legislation.

India’s Plan on Google’s Antitrust Actions

Competitive Commission of India will consider carefully the principles of EC's actions in the google…

EU's fine on Google

The EU had slapped a record € 4.34-billion ($5.04 billion) antitrust fine on Google.

Concerns due to Patenting of Secondary Drugs

Inspite of anti-evergreening provisions Indian Patent Office has been granting more secondary patent…



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