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Issues with open cast mines

Open cast mining, advantages, Disadvantages, Way forward

Chennai Floods: TN's Long-term Solutions to avoid Monsoon Woes

Chennai floods, Lessns frm 2015 floods, Causes of the present flood, City Disaster Management Perspe…

The Problem with Monsoon

Flash floods and landslides in Kerala, Disaster Management, Resilient Kerala Program, Madhav Gadgil …

Disaster Resilience - An Inherent part of Community Culture

Role of PRIs, Decentralisation of power, Bottom up approach, PRIs in disaster resilience, Capacity b…

Space Junk

Yunhai 1-02, junk leftover, Mission Shakti, DRDO, China’s 2007 ASAT test, Kessler syndrome etc

Cyclones and India - Disaster Preparedness

Impact of the recent cyclones, Calamities Between 1891 and 2020, Particular concern of India, Measur…

India-Nepal Flood Management

Chronic crisis of flooding in Bihar, Past water cooperation, Flaws in the approach, Course correctio…

Cyclone Tauktae

Severity, IMD’s cyclone prediction and warning system, Priorities now

Hospital Fires

Fire liability insurance should be made compulsory for all public buildings

Uttarakhand floods and Texas Cold Snap - Need for Climate Action

Uttarakhand glacier burst, Texas cold snap, Role of global warming, India’s position; To be done



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