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Renewable Energy Current Affairs

Land for green power will be a challenge

Renewable energy, Challenges in green power plants, Agrivoltaic sectors, Demand for land

Ethanol Blending

To achieve ethanol blending ratio of 7%, center must stop its reliance on cane

Kakrapar Atomic Power Project

KAPP-3 in Gujarat has achieved its ‘first criticality’

Balancing between Coal-fired Power and Renewables

Bundling scheme, Proposal, Cost, Concerns, Way forward

National Renewable Energy Database

Such database could help the policymakers and developers

Ethanol Production

Additional ethanol can be produced from B-heavy molasses now

Measures to Promote E-Vehicles

Union Budget 2019 has announced a bold move to make a transition to electric vehicles, and offered a…

Potential of Grid Connected Solar Irrigation

Grid-connected solar irrigation offers farmers an additional income source.

Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency Norms – Vehicular Pollution

CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency/Economy) norms aim at lowering fuel consumption of vehicles.

Need for Solar Manufacturing Strategy in India

An overview of India's solar manufacturing potentials and shortfalls.



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