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India in Mineral Security Partnership

Mineral Security Partnership, India-US ties, Rare Earth Elements, Energy security, Lithium reserves,…

Total Ban on Diesel Vehicles in India

Diesel Vehicles, Greenhouse gas emissions, Net zero goal, Oxides of nitrogen (NOx), Volkswagen emiss…

Clean Cooking Fuel in India

Clean Cooking Fuel, LPG cylinder, Indian Oil Corporation, Union Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Ga…

Status of Critical Minerals in India

Critical Minerals, The Centre for Social and Economic Progress (CSEP), Minerals Security Partnership…

Water Trade

Water trade, Water credit system, Barak and Brahmaputra basins, Ganga basin, Carbon credits, Murray-…

India’s Solar Power Dream

India’s solar technology, government policy on solar technology, Indian renewable energy sector

Advancement of Ethanol Blending Target

National Biofuel Policy, Ethanol Blending, Biofuel, National Biofuel Coordination Committee

Controls over Renewable energy technology

Share of electricity from different sources of renewable energy, constraints in greater use of solar…

Making green hydrogen cost-competitive

Recent measures, Outcomes, Reforms required to further cut the production cost.

Meeting Green Targets through Biomass

Biomass for Energy Generation, Curtail Stubble burning, National Mission on use of Biomass



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