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Challenges of GMO

Bt Cotton, Ht-Bt Cotton, DMH-11 Mustard, Bt Brinjal, Rules of 1989, Value Capture Mechanism, Convent…

State of Farmers in India

Land Fragmentation, Cultivator, Agricultural Laborer, Terms of Trade, Producer Protection, Agricultu…

Regulation of Rice Prices

Inflation, Minimum Support Price, Demand-Supply Gap, Non-Basmati Rice Export, Bharat Rice, UPSC

Nano DAP Fertilizers

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative, Nano DAP, Precision Farming, UPSC

Decontrolling NBS Fertilizers

Nutrient Based Subsidy, Unreasonable Profits, Department of Fertilizer, Self-Assessment, Integrated …

Nutritional Insecurity - The Silent Famine

Nutrition security, Green Revolution, Nutrient loss in food grains, NFSA, Micronutrient deficiency, …

Sustainability of MSP

Minimum Support Prices, MSP, Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices, CACP, CCEA, MS Swaminatha…

Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO)

Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO), Collective bargaining, Agriculture, NAFID, SFAC, UPSC

Concerns with Cotton Subsidies

Marrakesh Agreement, WTO Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures, Agriculture on Agreemen…

All about Green Revolution

Green Revolution 2.0, Evergreen Revolution, Public Law (PL) 480 agreement, MS Swaminathan, HYV, Norm…



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