Prelim Bits 07-01-2017



Gandhinagar – First Model Smart city in the Country:

  • Under Smart Cities Mission, Ministry of Urban Development has shortlisted Gandhinagar as the first model city in the country to go smart.
  • The first phase of the smart city project has been rolled out in the city which has many features from seamless Wi-Fi connectivity to smart sensor-enabled traffic lights based on vehicular traffic density.
  • The smart cities mission is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life, sustainable environment and application of smart solution for sustainable and inclusive development.


Penitentes on Pluto:

  • Penitentes are snow and ice features formed by erosion and characterized by bowl-shaped depressions.
  • Scientist has found the evidence of penitentes on Pluto using the images from the NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft in 2015.
  • Until now, Earth is the only planet in the solar system to have Penitentes.
  • Unlike in Earth, Penitentes in Pluto are mainly made from methane and nitrogen due to its different environment i.e. thinner air, dimmer sun and much colder conditions. They are much larger than earth’s counterparts.


Mayoro disease:

  • Mayaro virus disease is zoonotic pathogen endemic to certain humid forests of tropical South America.
  • It is considered as distant relative of Chikungunya and spread by Aedes Mosquitoes.
  • It is characterized by fever, aches and pains and a rash.
  • It recently had its appearance in Haiti and it was given the title of The next Zika”.



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