Government Schemes

January 25, 2019
26 days

A comprehensive compilation of Schemes introduced by various Ministries announced till November 2018, structured especially at helping Prelims 2019. Schemes that will be announced during Budget and thereon, will be covered in Part II.

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suresh 10 days

will you revise the existing PDF .....or provide a new pdf consisting of new schemes (which are uncovered in this)??

IAS Parliament 9 days

We will provide Part II as a separate document. Keep Following.

Ashok 23 days

If possible please arrange the scheme issue wise. It will be very helpful in quoting the relevant schemes while writing.

ramji 25 days


please make pdf in readable  format, means add table of content ( in fact you have added it but pdf reader is not able to detect) so that we can jump any content by going to table of content, in place of sliding up and down which is very time consuming

IAS Parliament 23 days

The error has been fixed. Thank you for bringing it to our notice. Keep Following.