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Santosh srivastava

7 days

Q.no42 series B 

with reference to constitution of India the DPSP constitute limitation upon 

 1-legislative function  

 2- Executive function 

which of the above statement is/are correct ?

most of the coachings have considered option D as correct answer  Shankar ias have also taken this option as right  . 

 This appears to be wrong in the light of article 37 . U may also refer this article and then think which is the correct answer . 

Utkarsh shukla

21 days

Cut off vl b 111

20 days
Tharun V Bhatt
Wow! We have the cut off figure out already! How are you so confident mate?

20 days
Tharun V Bhatt
I guess you Scored 112, hence 111 is the cut off! ;)

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Tharun V Bhatt

26 days

Atleast three of your keys are wrong. I expected better research by your team.

26 days
Siddharth dixit
Shankar ias claims to have 95%to 98% of their answers to be correct. This means that generally their answer keys have 2 to 5 incorrect answers. It is better to have confidence in one's own answers where doubt persists.

11 days
could you share which questions you feel had wrong answers in the shankar ias key....??? may be that helps to figure out coz even i feel so...

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28 days

frnds i guess the cut offs given by shankar ias are a bit understated..there are many ppl above 120..i am a 5th attempter in gen cat with 3 mains and 1 i guess i am pretty senior in this field..i think cutoff will be as follows open 110-115 obc 105-110 sc 95-100 st 90-95

26 days
Tharun V Bhatt
Dear Mr. senior, your stupidity is at its best display with your predictions. Now it is out in the open as to why you are not able get into the final list despite 5 attempts. With this standard of analysis, I doubt your progress as a generalist. No offence Mr. senior..

14 days
well MR. seems my predictions are not to your problem..lets meet here again in first week of June 2018 when UPSC would have given the cutoffs for 2017 exam..i think u will start hating me a bit less by then..btw i would request you to check my post on insights on 14th August 2016 for predictions of 2016 prelims cutoff..u might like it.

13 days
Tharun V Bhatt
It was not about hatred Shankar, again, a wrong way to comprehend a logical argument. Anyway, I sincerely wish you all the best and hope that you get so busy after June 2018 that you do not come here for a justification. I mean, get selected this time. :)

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29 days

thank you for giving anticipatory cut off.due to this further preparation can get boost