October 10, 2018
7 months

This is a very important question for any student living in India. Each student preparing for IAS coaching should ask of themselves before selecting a right IAS Coaching Institute in India. But there are other following questions, which you must think before selecting a top ias coaching academy in India,

  • What is the track record of the IAS Coaching in India?
  • How many students have cleared the Civil Service exams?
  • Who are the lecturers and professors constituting the faculty?
  • What are the course fee structure which can offer you quality classes and help you score better in you exam?
  • Do you check out the class timings?
  • Are seating arrangements and classroom infrastructures are good enough?
  • Does the IAS coaching center methodology have a procedure for selecting and classifying students?
  • Does the IAS coaching centre is equipped with a library with good quality of study materials, notes and books?
  • Does the Institute have good student reviews, success stories and positive feedback?


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