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December 04, 2018
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A comprehensive integrated regional strategy is required for the success of India’s Look West policy. Analyze (200 Words)

Refer - The Indian Express

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IAS Parliament 6 months



Look West Policy refers to the strengthening of political, economic, strategic, cultural relations with countries of middle-east.

Reasons for integrated strategy

·       India’s adoption of bilateral approach to gulf countries; needs to see West Asia as a whole entity.

·       The growing impact of the Gulf countries in the Indian Ocean region, this is more evident in the Horn of Africa. The recent success of the UAE and Saudi Arabia in brokering peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea who had been locked in a prolonged conflict underlines the positive role of the Gulf in Africa.

·       Gulf countries like the UAE are eager to collaborate with India on development assistance and the construction of strategic infrastructure in the Indian Ocean littoral.

·       Role of Israel- India ties deepening in field of agriculture, defense, Science and Technology.

·       Saudi Arabia has been a pivotal state, as the nation with one of the world’s largest petroleum reserves and capable of modulating its oil production; presence of Mecca and Medina also influence cultural ties between India and Saudi Arabia.

For Comprehensive integrated strategy

·       Completing the project of Chabahar Port to win the trust from Iran.

·       Emphasis on Ashgabat agreement for greater regional integration.

·       Suppressing the crisis in Syria, Yemen with the help of Peace keeping forces.

·       Increasing the volume of exports to middle east countries to have strong trade balance.

·       Increasing diplomatic engagements and focusing on Confidence building measures in West Asia.

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IAS Parliament 6 months

Try adding cultural dimension; try including few points about India’s steps to strengthen Look West policy. Keep Writing.