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December 05, 2018
6 months

Discuss the major causes of farm distress and recommend measures to address it. (200 Words)

Refer - The Indian Express

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IAS Parliament 6 months


Major Causes of farm distress

·       Effects of Climate change causing droughts, cyclones, floods damaging the crops severely.

·       According to Economic survey 2017-18, all India percentage of net irrigated area to total cropped area was 34.5 per cent, which makes a large segment of cultivation dependent on rainfall.

·       According to Economic survey 2017-18, the lack of awareness about the availability of the insurance for the harvested cop was the second highest reported reason for not insuring the crops.

·       According to report prepared by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, 70%of those interviewed alleged that they did not get any information or advice regarding farm practices from agriculture department officials.

·       The survey shows that 62 per cent of interviewed farmers were unaware of the Minimum Support Price (MSP). Seventy per cent had not heard about the Direct Cash Transfer scheme.

·       Employment opportunities in non-farm sector are negligible.


Measures for addressing farm distress

·       Farmers must receive expert advice by trained officials at their doorstep at the beginning of every crop season regarding all issues like which crops to sow, technology, market prices, soil fertility, irrigation; needed effective implementation of “Mera gaon mera gaurav” programme.

·       Trade bans on agricultural exports must be removed, since such restrictive policies keep domestic prices low, harming farmers’ interests. As for domestic trade, all restrictions on inter-district and inter-state movement should be removed.

·       Rainwater harvesting should be incorporated in irrigation projects, owing to its magnificent untapped potential.

·       The establishment of micro, small and medium irrigation projects like tube wells and check dams, instead of big irrigation projects. Such projects should be financed entirely by the Centre.

·       A “paani panchayat” should be established for every scheme, which will act as a specialized registered body responsible for the execution of irrigation projects. The panchayat will be responsible for the maintenance of water channels and collecting user charges from the beneficiaries.

·       Fertilizer subsidies (Neem coated urea) should be provided to the farmers via direct benefit transfer.

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