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27/06/2022 - Economy

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June 27, 2022

Deregulating labour markets can potentially influence the overall growth and formal employment. Do you agree with this view? Comment (200 Words)

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·        The hiring of 10 lakh people will not only help the government meet its stated targets but also strengthen the march towards a fully Atmanirbhar Bharat.

·        In order to ease the administrative regulations and delays, single-window clearance, self-certification of compliance by enterprises, online filing for Registration and Returns, transparent inspection system, etc., have also been undertaken by some States.

·        The  Economic Survey (2018-19), which studied the impact of labour reforms undertaken by Rajasthan, showed that the post-reform period saw higher growth rate in the number of factories employing more than 100 employees.

·        A study by the VV Giri National Labour Institute showed that deregulation of labour markets have had a positive impact on the overall growth and employment.

·        As of 2017-18, over 50 per cent of the employment in the manufacturing sector in all the States was in plants with 300 or more employees.

·        The industry says that the self-certification scheme has led to increased trust between the employers and labour administration/government machinery.

·        The introduction of the Shram Suvidha portal of transparent inspection system, reducing the human biases/interference and the online filing of registration.

·        Implementation of the labour codes and rules has the potential to accelerate India’s journey to lead the world’s strongest economies.


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IAS Parliament 1 month

Try to include data to support your arguments and briefly explain the flow chart. Keep Writing.

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IAS Parliament 1 month

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