December 05, 2018
6 months

Why in news?

Two persons, including a station house officer, were shot dead in mob violence in the Bulandshahr village of Uttar Pradesh.

What was the problem?

  • A group of villagers gathered outside a police post in protests over a rumour that cow carcasses had been found in forests close to the police post.
  • The protest rapidly turned into an uncontrollable mob violence.
  • A local man was killed in an hour of violence provoked by allegations of cow slaughter.
  • The Station House Officer of that area reportedly tried to control the erupted violence in the village.
  • However, he lost his life to the bullets fired in the mob violence.  
  • The mob that allegedly killed him took away his service gun and mobile phone as well.
  •  They also burned down a police station and set fire to several vehicles.

What are the concerns?

  • The violence is yet another notice of the toll being taken on civic order on account of the failure to crack down on vigilante mobs.
  • Many state governments have moved to tighten laws prohibiting cow slaughter in recent years.
  • Along with that, bands of cow-protection vigilantes have created an atmosphere of fear among the people.
  • They purportedly act on suspicion of cow slaughter to round up and lynch cattle traders at will.
  • The hurt sentiments of gau rakshaks motivates hate crime against those who are rumoured to have slaughtered cows.
  • Some of the earlier lynchings have been initially projected as an outcome of road rage and not because of cow vigilantism.

What should be done?

  • Probes into the killing, in most cases, move in parallel with investigations into the allegations of cow slaughter or the possession of beef.
  • A special investigation team has been formed to probe the violence in the recent case.  
  • Investigations should reveal whether the mob at the police post formed organically, or whether there was a conspiracy to set up a communally polarising confrontation.
  • No rumour or act of cow slaughter justifies mob violence and hence the state should ensure that no impunity is provided to the perpetrators of cow vigilantism in the future.


Source: The Hindu


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