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Understanding the Foreign Policy doctrine of Biden Era

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September 06, 2021

Why in news?

The end of Afghanistan War has led to a new foreign policy doctrine for the Biden era

What are the components of the doctrine?

  • Focus on China and Russia - containing China and Russia will be the focus of US foreign policy under him
  • Cyber security -It is a new mode of warfare and must be given prime attention
  • America’s counter-terrorism project – It will be pursued through “over the horizon” capabilities, meaning satellites and unmanned drones, will be the predominant instruments
  • Purpose of external military deployment - nation-making or democracy-building will not be the purpose. It will be strictly limited to security
  • Security - Security will not include counter-insurgency, meaning long-term military involvement in a civil war
  • Key drivers of foreign policy - democracy and human rights will continue to be key drivers of foreign policy, but economic tools and diplomacy will be the main methods for achieving such goals

What are the critics pointing out?

  • Critics say that the option of keeping a small force in Afghanistan was available which would not have handed a victory to the Taliban
  • They point that the fundamental flaw of America’s security approach was its concentration of power in Kabul
  • It is not clear whether  Biden consulted European allies (NATO) before deciding to withdraw
  • Thousands of Afghan allies were left behind in a  vulnerable situation to the Taliban’s aggression
  • Questions over US’  firm support to Taiwan which is mortally threatened by a surging China is under suspicion


Source: The Indian Express

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