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December 31, 2016

BHIM app to push e-Transactions

  • BHIM- Bharat Interface for Money, a digital app on the Unified Payment Interface (UPI).
  • UPI, a platform created by the National Payments Corporation (NPCI) to facilitate faster and smoother digital payments.
  • It acts as an aggregator for all UPI-based offerings of banks. Till date, each bank has come out with its own mobile banking app and gone live on UPI. But now, the NPCI through BHIM created a front-end app.

Findings of Curiosity rover:

  • NASA’s Curiosity rover to Mars has revealed purple rocks on the surface of Red planet.
  • The photos of purple rock were taken near the base of Mount Sharp, one of the Mars’s tallest summits.
  • The purple coloration is caused by the presence of hematite, an iron oxide commonly used on Earth as a pigment.
  • The hematite as it is typically formed in aqueous environment, throws light that water may have once present in the area.
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