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December 20, 2017

What do you understand by Deep learning technology? Discuss its applications. (200 words)

Refer – The Hindu

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·         Deep learning – an artificial intelligence tool that mimics the workings of a human brain.

·         Machine learning basically involves giving data to an algorithm and then training it to perform a certain task. (i.e.) automating repetitive tasks or data analytics.

·         E.g. Giving out movie recommendations based on a user’s past watching history.

·         Deep learning takes machine learning to the next level through the use of artificial neural networks.

·         These networks are essentially layers of artificial “neurons” in a rough approximation of the way that human brains work.

·         Neural networks are explicitly engineered to be able to recognize complex patterns.

·         Given enormous amounts of historical data, they are able to recognize patterns that allow them to successfully predict answers or outcomes.

·         These neural networks operate by taking an input — say, an image of a cat — and passing it through layers and layers of neurons that each perform simple computations until ultimately the last layer of neurons output the name of the object in the image: “cat.”


·         In today's digital era, with mobile phones and IP-addressable devices in every home, the amount of data being anonymously created by consumers about their behaviours online and on the street is enabling these neural networks to better predict people’s actions.

·         These actions include predicting how human drivers will react, so a self-driving car can react quickly and safely.

·         Predicting where crime is likely to occur next.

·         Fraud detection, spam detection, handwriting recognition, image search, speech recognition, street view detection, and translation are all tasks that can be performed through deep learning.

·         For example, if you post a picture on Facebook, Facebook will use image recognition software to identify the people in the photo, relying, again, heavily on neural networks to make the identification.

·         It will help to root out offensive content online.

·         In medical field, it aids patients in diagnosing ailments.

·         It has its application in space sciences too.

·         (E.g.) Deep learning neural network was recently used to found out Exo-planets.

·         It was made to analyse light readings made by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, which are archived and made to learn to identify true signals.

·         Deep learning has also been used in other applications successfully, as in the AlphaGo AI player of the Go game.

Manav 6 years

Please review. 

Also, should social implication be added irrespective of it not being asked in the question? 

IAS Parliament 6 years

Try to add more applications and it is not necessary to add social implications. Keep writing. 



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