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Taiwan’s Covid Model

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May 07, 2021

What is the issue?

  • Due to its proximity to China, Taiwan was expected to be one of the countries most severely affected by the pandemic.
  • But given its experience of fighting the 2003 SARS outbreak, Taiwan has dealt and is dealing well with COVID-19; here is an overview on that.

What was Taiwan’s initial response?

  • First of all, Taiwan did not ignore the alarms.
  • It took seriously the evolving official and unofficial accounts, to form a picture of the emerging disease.
  • Authorities used this information to launch enhanced monitoring in December 2019 itself.
  • They have tirelessly implemented public health containment measures since Taiwan’s first case was detected in January 2020.

What is the mechanism involved?

  • After dealing with SARS, Taiwan established a nationwide infectious disease healthcare network.
  • It provides the legal authority for transferring patients with highly contagious diseases to designated facilities.
  • This has helped protect health systems and health professionals from being overwhelmed.
  • It also allowed most non-Covid-19 health services to continue.

What were the other measures?

  • By acting early and effectively, Taiwan also mitigated the economic impact of Covid-19.
  • It implemented flexible adjustments for related quarantine measures for vessels and aircraft.
  • This helped fisheries, offshore wind farms, and air transport industries continue operations.
  • It ensured maintaining essential international, social, economic, and trade activities.
  • Furthermore, public trust and cooperation with the government’s response have been key to successfully containing Covid-19.
  • In formulating disease control regulations, the government has adhered to the principles of reasonable response, minimum damage, and gradual adoption.
  • It also maintained the balance between people’s right to know and personal privacy and freedom.
  • It upheld the principle of fairness as well as prioritised the protection of disadvantaged groups, including migrant workers.
  • Throughout, Taiwan has emphasised the right to health and associated protections and strong opposition to human rights abuses.

Why is Taiwan’s role in COVID handling significant?

  • As of April 30, 2021, there had been 1,128 confirmed cases, including 12 deaths, in Taiwan.
  • Life and work have continued much as normal for the majority of the population.
  • Taiwan’s response to Covid-19 has been one of the world’s success stories.
  • It plays an indispensable role in the global monitoring and early warning systems that detect the threat of emerging infectious disease.
  • It has been able to comprehensively participate in and contribute to international Covid-19 supply chain systems, as well as global diagnostics, vaccine, and therapeutics platforms.
  • It has made significant longstanding contributions to the international community in public health, disease prevention, and the human right to health.
  • This would allow Taiwan to work with the rest of the world.
  • These, thus, validate Taiwan’s demand to be included in WHO and its meetings, mechanisms, and activities.


Source: The Indian Express

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