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Prelim Bits 02-06-2023 | UPSC Daily Current Affairs

SoO Pact, India-Nepal Relations, Zardosi Embroidery, The Pandemic Fund, Joint Child Malnutriton Esti…

The Next Pandemic

Pandemic, viral spillover, Disease X, pandemic priority pathogen, pathogen priority list

The History of Insurgency in Manipur

Manipur insurgency, Naga, Kuki, Meitei, Meitei Pangals, Kuki-Zomi, Suspension of Operation Pact, UNL…

Evergreening of Loans

Evergreening of loans, Non-Performing Assets (NPAs), Provisioning, Write-off, evergreen loans

Prelim Bits 01-06-2023 | UPSC Daily Current Affairs

Indian Olympic Association, PARAS, Global Slavery Index, MBR Explorer, CITIIS 2.0

Model Prisons Act 2023

Prisons, Model Prisons Act 2023, Home Affairs (MHA), political prisoners, Prisons Act 1894, Prison d…

Impact of climate change on water bodies

Climate changes on water bodies, Water supply, Recreation Employment, Climate regulator, Biodiversit…

Economic Impact of India to Climate Change

Climate Change, Economic Impact of India to Climate Change, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Chang…

Prelim Bits 31-05-2023 | UPSC Daily Current Affairs

Global Plan of Action for the Health of Indigenous People, Shenzhou-16, Space Energy Initiative, Lig…

The 1.5 degree Celsius Target

Mean global surface temperature, 1.5 degree, polar amplification, WMO predictions



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