August 14, 2019
10 months


          ICJ Verdict on Kulbushan Jadhav 

          Blacklisting Pakistan under FATF 

          Cancellation of Kartarpur Corridor Talks - India-Pakistan

          Capture of IAF Officer - Geneva Conventions on Prisoners of War    

          Suspension of Cross-LoC Trade    

          Belt and Road Initiative Forum     

          Italy in Belt and Road Initiative     

          Gaining from the US-China Trade War  

          High Court Order on Sri Lankan Refugees      

          Extension of Ban on LTTE   

          Developments with the Indo-Pacific - New MEA Division

          Foreign Policy Challenges and Priorities

          Indian Ocean Region - China's Strategy and India's Response    

          Geopolitical Challenges in South-Asia    



          India-Russia Defence Relations - US Concerns

          Trump on Kashmir Issue     

          US Secretary of State Visit to India        

          India-US Trade Differences  

          India’s Tariffs on US Imports        

          Impacts for India on Termination of GSP       

          US Ends Waiver for India on Iran Oil     

          US Supreme Court Order on Gujarat Fishermen Case      



          Masood Azhar as Global Terrorist 

          US-Turkey Relations - F- Fighter Jet Programme   

          War Crimes and ICC   

          US’s Action on Bench and Switch Scam 

          Iran-US relations - Nuclear Deal   

          US Iran Air Strike       

          Issues with US Policy on Drug Vigilance

Proposal on Muslim Brotherhood as Foreign Terrorist Organisation  

          Designation of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as FTO        

          Swiss-EU Treaty

          Libyan Crisis      

          Yemen - Ceasefire Broken    

          Sudan-Bashir's Ousting & Military Rule 

          Protests in Hong Kong - Extradition Bill

St Petersburg International Economic Forum – Russia-China Relations     

          Impeachment of the US President

          US Executive Privilege - Robert Mueller’s Report    

          Al-Shabab Attack in Somalia         

          UN Blacklisting of Hamza Bin Laden     

          Trump on Golan Heights     

          Pakistan and IMF Programme      

          Arrest of Julian Assange      

          Arab Spring       

          Dealing with Defeat of the IS         

          US-Taliban Peace Talks        

          African Continental FTA      



          India and Arctic Council       

          G- Summit  - Osaka Declaration   

          G- Summit  - Bilateral Meets        

          ASEAN Summit Highlights 

          ASEAN Summit - RCEP Negotiations   

          Emerging Significance of BIMSTEC       

          ASEAN’s Reclamation of Indo-Pacific    

          Shanghai Cooperation Organisation – Bishkek Declaration        

          India's Role as UNSC Non-Permanent Member       

          India's non-permanent seat at UNSC     


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