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Changes in Australian Open

A plethora of changes were announced ahead of the Australian Open

West Bengal: Tribal community & Food Scarcity

A survey report has identified “food scarcity in varying degrees” in about 31% of tribal households in West Bengal

Vande Matram and National Song

MP government recently announced that Vande Mataram will be sung on the first working day of every month

Telegana's 'Villages of widows'

Woes of widows in Telegana’s Mahabubnagar district

Amos Oz, Israeli Writer

Amos Oz passed away recently

Elizabeth Warren: US Presidential Candidate

Elizabeth Warren has recently announced her likely candidacy for the 2020 U.S. presidential race.

Solution to Plastic Pollution: Bio Plastics

Bio plastics are an emerging alternative to plastics but only 2% of global plastic production is bio-based.

Farm loan waivers and State Government’s Capex

Ind-Ra, the adverse effect of farm loan waivers on the state capital expenditure is discussed.

EMV Chip Card

Banks are in the process of replacing the magnetic strip in debit and credit cards with latest EMV chip cards

Practicing Circular Economy