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October 27, 2020
1 month

India pursuing an independent foreign policy is not only essential for the country or the South Asian region, it can have a bearing on deprived populations of the world. Analyse (200 Words)

Refer - The Indian Express 

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·       The 2008 global financial meltdown exposed the realities of the neoliberal world order. Most institutions of lending crumbled before the inevitable logic of capitalism  the cycle of boom and bust. The crisis rendered thousands unemployed and destitute. The state had to bail out some of the largest financial corporations of the world with public funds.

·       The western world soon came to understand the importance of sharing responsibility and adjusting to the new global realities such as the economic rise of China and India. G-20 nations replaced the elite G-8 of rich countries in deciding the economic course of the world, though within a neoliberal framework.

·       This established mechanism is under threat. The rise of China as the workshop of the world has turned many western powers insecure. It has led to a trade war between China and the US. Of particular relevance is the route India will take in the evolving bipolar world with the US and China constituting the two poles.

·       The US is trying to drag India into its conflict with China to protect US interests in the Asia-Pacific region. The trade deals done to please the US have resulted in the loss of livelihood, agricultural land and hard-won labour rights of Indian working classes.

·       Privatised healthcare systems imploded under the weight of COVID whereas countries with a socialised or socialist public healthcare system fared better. The world needs to come together to build public health and education infrastructure. India must reject both the unipolarity of the 1990s and the bipolarity of the current system dominated by the US and China.

·       India should live up to its independent non-aligned credentials and play a constructive role in evolving a more inclusive, multipolar and just world order.

·       In his address to the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations, Prime Minister of India reiterated the demand of India’s inclusion in the UN Security Council. This demand is justified considering India’s history, size, economy and potential to play a constructive role in global affairs.

·       However, under the current dispensation, these credentials have been tainted by multiple inconsistencies, especially in the neighbourhood. India should use its UNSC chair to represent nations hitherto unrepresented or underrepresented at the high table and continue the tradition of speaking for the marginalised. Unfortunately, the course of Indian foreign policy in the last few years does not correspond with this broad, inclusive worldview based on solidarity.

·       In this context, India and China, as the world’s two most populous countries and mega-economies, should engage in a meaningful dialogue to resolve the border dispute. India should strive to make the world more inclusive, just and sensitive to the environment.


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