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28/01/2022 - Education

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January 28, 2022

National Digital Educational Architecture is a great vision to utilize the power of technology to enhance India’s education system. Explain (200 Words)

Refer - Financial Express      

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IAS Parliament 2 years


·        A ray of hope in this context is the National Digital Educational Architecture (NDEAR), the blueprint for which was recently released by the government.

·        At its core is the principle of interoperability, i.e., enabling disparate education related tech systems to “talk to each other” seamlessly, rather than operating in silos, thereby multiplying the possibilities of impact.

·        To ensure adoption of NDEAR enabled solutions and build the legitimacy of digital learning, it will be important to recognise the role parents play in both monitoring and facilitating their children’s learning, and engage them meaningfully.

·        NDEAR will need to ensure that the data rights of children remain secure. The potential of EdTech solutions delivered through NDEAR will depend on their responsible deployment, which would include responsible collection, sharing and processing of data.

·        Given the pace at which digital learning is growing, NDEAR’s development should be firmly anchored in an ‘accountable institution’.

·        The proposed National Educational Technology Forum may be a good forum for this, and such an institution should have representation from tech and domain experts as well as teachers and parents to help ensure the NDEAR architecture delivers tech solutions that are truly student-centric.



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IAS Parliament 2 years

Try to include government schemes. Keep Writing.

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Try to mention about PMGDISHA. Keep Writing.

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Try to provide objectivity in conclusion and stick to word limit. Keep Writing.



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