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October 27, 2020
1 month

Considering the post-pandemic realities there is a need to re-think about the approach on cyber security. Elaborate.

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·        The cyber threat is emerging as possibly the biggest danger posed to society. We are perhaps at a new stage in human experience and exploration.

·       In a post-Covid world, Identity and Access Management (IAM) will thus become an even more critical tool to defeat cyber criminals. With business becoming highly reliant on technology, the potential risks have vastly increased. With the advent of the Corona virus pandemic, cyber challenges have taken on a new dynamic, with businesses having to adapt to a new situation.

·       As more and more people work from home, securing end points such as laptops or smartphones has gained in importance, and elements in the network chain such as the home router, access points, IOT devices, a person connected, all have become vulnerable. Meantime, cyber criminals are finding new weaknesses to take advantage of the situation.

·       Hackers are creating new malware, and one of the more recent innovations has been ‘file-less malware attacks’. Many organisations believe that to defeat cyber criminals, it is enough to improve encryption policies — and many new encryption policies have come up — but it must be recognised that while encryption might afford protection for data in transit, it does not provide security for data in storage.

·       Conscious of the burgeoning cyber threat, the government of India is in the process of amending its National Cyber Security Policy 2013. The earlier Act envisioned a National Cyber Security Policy with an integrated vision and a set of sustained and coordinated strategies for implementation.

·        Additionally, it proposed creating a 24x7 National level Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT -In) to function as a nodal agency for coordination of all efforts for cyber security emergency response and crisis management. Several changes/amendments to the 2013 Cyber Security Policy document are currently awaiting the final orders of the government.

·       It is important, nevertheless, to recognise that advances in technology do tend to be double-edged in the world of cyber space. Hence, a successful cyber security policy demands a well focused approach. 

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You can use .. but make sure that u complete paper on time by using 2 pens. Time matters

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IAS Parliament 1 month

Try to include data to support your arguments and underline the key points. Keep Writing.

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IAS Parliament 1 month

Try to include data to support your arguments. Keep Writing.

Venkateshwaran R 1 month

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