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Is the Gist of Yojana Monthly Magazine for UPSC PDF important for Civil Services examination?

Yojana is one of the many trusted sources for the Civil Services Examination. A monthly magazine published by the Information and Broadcasting ministry of the Government of India, the magazine deals with specific issues with case studies and issues in implementation. Questions may not perse be from Yojana, but Yojana magazine is very useful for mains – GS 2, GS 3, and GS4 (some fodder for case studies). The magazine deep dives into a topic and provides an in- depth analysis of the same. Inputs from the magazine can be used in essays too.

Where to get the GIST of Yojana Monthly Magazine PDF?

Yojana Magazine for UPSC can be read directly and it is free to download. However, as it is a government magazine and its primary target audience is Civil servants, public administrators, and practitioners in the field of administration, it may be a difficult soup to digest for civil service aspirants. It may add to an already existing plethora of sources if read directly. Also, before reading Yojana one is expected to be thorough with NCERTs as Yojana Magazine PDF is not a substitute for NCERTs. The magazine needs to be read with an analytical mind where one is expected to be well versed in basics before reading. Hence a gist of Yojana Magazine Hindi is required to see and analyze Yojana through the eyes of a Civil Services aspirant.

Shankar IAS comes up with a Gist of Yojana Magazine every month with a detailed background of topics. Instead of studying from the Yojana Monthly Magazine, aspirants get a gist of the Yojana Magazine PDF from Shankar IAS academy. The gist provides the needed inputs of Yojana Magazine for UPSC in a concise way.

While the Best Magazine for UPSC is 80 pages, the gist of Yojana Magazine consists of 10 – 15 pages and can be downloaded from the above link. The gist provides all the inputs of Yojana magazine required for the UPSC examination. Detailed background of the topics is provided for aspirants. There is no need for an aspirant to look for other sources as Shankar’s gist of Yojana Monthly Magazine PDF for UPSC gives all the needed inputs weeding out the unnecessary parts from Yojana magazine from the lens of IAS examination.